Developing all seven businesses and building the AirTrip economic zone with the power of IT


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Business Guidance

  • AirTrip Online Travel Business

    Online trip business

    AirTrip Online Travel Business

    The core business of AirTrip from the beginning, with an anticipated yearly airline ticket sales figure of over 150 billion yen thanks to the acquisition and integration of formerly DeNA Travel.
    Through strong ties with airlines, and a contract with East Japan Railway Co., we are able to sell reserved tickets for all domestic routes in Japan, including Japanese bullet train (Shinkansen), at competitive prices.

  • IT Off-shore Development Business

    IT off shore development business

    IT Off-shore Development Business

    An answer to the lack of engineers in Japan. We created 3 branch offices in Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, and Da Nang, where over 700 developers and IT engineers make up Japan's largest Offshore IT lab.

  • Inbound Travel Agency / Wi-Fi Rental Business

    Visit to Japan trip business

    Inbound Travel Agency / Wi-Fi Rental Business

    Created from our accumulated experience in the Online Travel Agency Business as a service for foreigners visiting Japan and companies in the private accommodation industry. In 2020, we will meet the needs of a rapidly growing market approaching 40 million people.

  • Media Business

    Media Business

    Media Business

    To those who want to know, to those who want to tell.
    Operating E-mail newsletter services with 7.5 million members, the largest in the industry, four WEB medias, and a LIVE streaming platform.

  • Investment Business (AirTrip CVC)

    Investment Business (AirTrip CVC)

    Investment Business (AirTrip CVC)

    By investing in growing companies, we seek to create synergy as we complement each other’s growth. We will work to expand our service lines and improve profitability through an active M&A strategy and capital and business alliances.

  • Regional Revitalization Business

    Regional Revitalization Business

    Regional Revitalization Business

    We aim to contribute to the local economy and solve problems with the power of technology through the operation of "Needs Tour," a tourism tech business to increase the number of people interacting with each other, and "Shifop (work schedule)" and "Kintai Plus (attendance management system)" as HR tech businesses to address labor shortages and improve shift management efficiency.

  • Cloud Business

    Cloud Business

    Cloud Business

    "–Make Sustainable Nippon - Become the company most needed by inns, hotels, local businesses, and local governments" "Kanxashi Cloud" and other cloud-based Internet solutions to improve operational efficiency in the lodging industry.

Initiatives for the SDGs

We are facing extremely difficult times due to global warming, resource depletion, poverty, and most recently, new coronavirus infections, as well as a declining birthrate and aging population in Japan. AirTrip's mission is “Seizing every change that arises in the economic sphere as a business opportunity with the power of IT and continue to grow endlessly”. This mission expresses our strong desire to continue to grow endlessly and to be the company of choice for the next generation. We hope to contribute to the formation of a colorful society that tolerates diversity and complexity through our seven businesses: AirTrip Online Travel Business, IT Off-shore Development Business, Inbound Travel Agency / Wi-Fi Rental Business, Media Business, Investment Business (AirTrip CVC), Regional Revitalization Business and "Cloud Business. We are committed to the goal of sustainable development. In support of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we are committed to expanding and developing our business in order to enhance the satisfaction of all stakeholders, including customers, business partners, employees, shareholders, and local communities. View all

Company Profile

Company name
AirTrip Corp.
The location
Atago green Hills MORI tower 19F, 2-5-1, Atago, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-6219, Japan
The founder

Munenori Oishi

Hideki Yoshimura


President & Representative Director / CFO
Yusuke Shibata

Capital 1,788 million yen (Equity Capital 3,903 million yen) As April, 2024
The stock market
Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime
Securities cord
Listed day
March 31, 2016
Accounting period