Canceling before payment is made

There is no need to notify us if you would like to cancel your reservation before you have made a payment.
Your reservation will be automatically canceled once the payment deadline has passed.
If the payment deadline has passed, you will need to apply for your reservation again.

Important points

A cancellation fee will be charged if you decide to cancel your domestic travel after you have made a payment.
Approval for any cancellation, modification, or refunding of domestic travel arrangements that we sell is done through our company.
Please contact our call center during operating hours.

Please note that approvals for cancellations or modifications will differ according to the airline you selected.

  1. We cannot accept cancellations outside of our operating hours.
  2. Cancellation fees differ depending on the timing of the cancellation request.
    We ask that you contact us immediately if you would like to cancel or modify your reservation. For a list of cancellation fees, see here.
  3. To cancel an early morning flight, please contact us during operating hours on the previous day.
  4. Refund periods are limited.
    1. Fares/Prices for modifiable reservations: following purchase of the air ticket, within 10 days of the day after the date that the air ticket expires
    2. Fares/Prices for non-modifiable reservations: following purchase of the air ticket, within 10 days of the departure date for the reserved flight

About Refunds

Refunds (minus the cancellation fee and reimbursement fee) will be made to your specified bank account within about two weeks of the date that your cancellation request was received. You will be responsible for any bank transfer fees required by your financial institution. Refunds cannot be issued at the airport.
●Handling fee, (in the case of a card settlement) become out of a repayment object.
In addition, handling rates cancellation of airline of circumstances (such as bad weather and equipment failure), it can not refund of fees (in the case of a card payment), please understand.
●Because the repayment on the credit may take repayment for around two months by total day of the credit card company , approve it beforehand.
●Because the transfer fee in case of the refund burdens the visitor , thank you for your understanding.
●Because the refund when I canceled LCC(Peach,JetStar,VanillaAir,SpringJapan) is not possible at all , thank you for your understanding beforehand.

*Note that the "stock purchase amount" portion of the shareholder perk discount air ticket is non-refundable in the case of cancellation.

Refund deadline in our company

In the case of pre-departure cancellation: please be sure until the day before the departure date.
In the case of departure after cancellation: Please contact me by all means within five days after departure.
*If the cancellation of the contact goes more than five days from the departure date, please acknowledge it beforehand because there is a case in which refund becomes impossible.

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