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[FY09/22 Announcement of Financial Results for the Third Quarter]Consolidated transaction volume of 35.3 billion yen (140% YoY), consolidated net sales of 8.54 billion yen (60% YoY), and operating income of 1.74 billion yen (56% YoY), Profits continued to accumulate steadily against the second upwardly revised full-year forecast for the current fiscal year announced during the third quarter.

Consolidated results for the 3rd quarter of FY22.9 are 35.3 billion yen in Transaction Volume, 8.54 billion yen in Net Sales, and 1.74 billion yen in Operating Profit. 

In the 3rd quarter, by executing the growth strategy AirTrip “Restart”, business profit in each business domain were accumulated, resulting in an operating income of 1.74 billion yen for the cumulative from the 1st to the 3rd quarter, which is a steady increase in profit over the 9 months to the full-year forecast announced during the 3rd quarter after the 2nd upward revision of the current fiscal year, with the busy 4th quarter still to come.


The AirTrip Travel Business secured stable earnings by steadily capturing rising domestic travel demand through continued multi-faceted AirTrip branding initiatives and strategic marketing investments for increased travel demand, driven by rising travel demand in response to the decrease in the number of new covid-19 cases during the 3rd quarter.

The existing business areas other than Travel Business (IT Offshore Development Business, Inbound Travel Business / Wi-Fi Rental Business, Media Business, Investment Business [AirTrip CVC]), all are strongly and smoothly growing, continue to promote diversification and restructuring of the business portfolio.


In particular, in the Investment Business (AirTrip CVC), the AirTrip CVC Report Vol. 3 is now available.

At the time of the release, the company had invested in a total of 80 companies with a total investment amount of 5.8 billion yen, and the total amount collected and recently evaluated was 15.2 billion yen, achieving an investment multiple of 260%.

We will continue to make the best use of our listing experience and know-how, by aggressive investment in growing areas with a high probability of IPO, aiming to generate further future returns by expanding and strengthening AirTrip Economic Zone.


We expect the impact of the current 7th wave of new Covid-19 on the travel domain to continue for a certain period of time, but we anticipate a recovery in demand and the start of nationwide travel support as the Covid-19 infection subsides,AirTrip Group aims for endless growth by expanding profits in AirTrip Travel Business through strategic marketing investment in response to growing travel demand for the summer and continuing growth of 4 existing businesses other than the Travel Business and promoting diversification and restructuring of the business portfolio.

3Q FY2022 Financial Results(IFRS)

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