Investment(AirTrip CVC)


Formed a capital and business alliance with Corntec, Inc., provider of “PIGI”, a livestock management service utilizes AI and big data
AirTrip Corp. (Head Office: Minato Ward, Tokyo; President & Representative Director / CFO: Yusuke Shibata; Stock Code: 6191; hereinafter “the Company”) conducts AirTrip Online Travel Business, IT Off-shore Development Business, Inbound Travel Agency / Wi-Fi Rental Business, Media Business, Investment Business with a corporate philosophy of One Asia.

We have formed a capital and business alliance with Corntec, Inc. (Head office: Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture; President: Yuichiro Yoshikado; hereinafter “Corntec”), the provider of an AI livestock management service “PIGI” which uses AI and big data to realize pig farming that does not rely on intuition and experience.

■About Corntec, Inc.
In the livestock industry, there is still a lot of analog business management that relies on intuition and experience, such as management and ledger entries, and the old methods of weighing and managing pigs required a lot of human intervention and time, such as putting each pig on a scale to be weighed and visually measuring it, and then entering the measurements in a ledger. However, Corntec believes that it is important to reduce human intervention in from the perspective of quarantine and the current labor situation, where it is becoming increasingly difficult to secure human resources.

■Purpose of the Capital and Business Alliance
This capital participation is an initiative as a part of the Investment Business and is expected to generate returns from Corntec's future growth.
The company is currently preparing to go public. To achieve that, we will make the most of our listing experience and know-how and will enable them to prepare for that efficiently.

■Impact on Business Performance
The returns by Corntec’s future growth will be the profit for our Investment Business.
We will continue to strive to provide better services and further expand and develop our business.

(Note) This document has been translated from the Japanese original for reference purposes only. In the event of any discrepancy between this translated document and the Japanese original, the original shall prevail.

[About Corntec, Inc.]
Head Office: 3-1-6 Oyama, Kumamoto-city, Kumamoto
Company Name: Corntec, Inc.
Company Representative: President & Representative 
Director: Yuichiro Yoshikado
Capital: 52 million yen

[About AirTrip Corp.]
Head Office: Atago Green Hills Mori Tower 19th Floor, 2-5-1 Atago, Minato Ward, Tokyo
Company Name: AirTrip Corp.
Company Representative: President & Representative Director / CFO: Yusuke Shibata
Capital: 1,543 million yen (Equity Capital 3,413 million yen)