Payment deadline (domestic air tickets)

Payment deadlines differ depending on the type of air ticket and the reservation date.
The following times are estimates; an operator will contact you via email with more precise information.

The final payment deadline for flights departing on the same day is one hour prior to departure (and during our operating hours).
The normal payment deadline is three days from the reservation date (including that day), but in some cases we may request that payment be made that day or the following day.
More information regarding each type of air ticket will be provided through an email from one of our travel agents.

See here if you are making a reservation for a Skymark flight.

Payment methods

Credit Card Payment

We will send you an email containing a URL for paying by credit card.
The applicable amount will be automatically withdrawn from your specified account as per your credit card membership agreement

You can select to pay all at once, split the total into a specified number of payments, or pay a fixed minimum amount monthly.
If you choose to pay a fixed minimum amount monthly, you must have a prior agreement regarding this with your credit card company.

We cannot assist you with the details of your contract with the credit card company, so please contact them directly.
*Credit card payments are subject to a 3% handling charge.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can the purchase deadline be extended?
A: Purchase deadlines are set depending on the type of air ticket and in accordance with airline regulations. The purchase deadline can be extended by a maximum of three days (inclusive) as long as the new deadline does not exceed that established by the regulations of the airline.