Have you received your information from AirTrip?

We will send your information to the email address you entered when applying for your reservation.

We sometimes receive inquiries from customers stating that they have not received their emails from us. Although we send email confirmations within 24 hours, they may fail to be delivered due to reasons such as the following. Please check again to see if one of the below reasons are stopping you from receiving your email.

Edit your email address if necessary and register tripstar.co.jp under your domain filter settings.

Be sure to enter your email address correctly.

If there was an error in the email address you input using the device available (a PC, mobile device, etc.) at the time you registered for an air ticket, domestic travel, or mileage club membership, your notification emails were sent to the wrong address. If you don't receive a confirmation email for your reservation, there may be an error in your email address; check that your email address is valid, then contact AirTrip with the primary traveler's name and telephone number.

If the email inbox of your mobile device has a domain filter enabled, add an exception for our domain.

The following instructions are subject to change.
For more information, please contact your wireless carrier.

Proceed to the [Email Menu] screen.
Select [Email Settings].
Select [Other Settings].
Select [Mail Filter].
Enter your PIN.
Select [Address Filter].
Check both [Specify Receive Settings] and [Fraud Control], then press the Send button.
Enter tripstar.co.jp into the Individual Designation field to register it.
Re-register it on the Settings Confirmation screen.
≫See the EZweb official site for more information

Proceed to the [iMenu] screen.
Select [Fees & Subscriptions / Settings].
Select [Optional Settings].
Select [Mail Settings].
Select [Mail Receive Settings] -> [Spam Prevention].

Select [Block Incoming Settings] then [Next].
Proceed to the [Receive Settings] in step 4, enter "tripstar.co.jp" into the blank, then select [Register].
≫See the docomo official site for more information

SoftBank (Yahoo! Keitai)
Proceed to the menu list screen.
Select [My SoftBank].
Select [Modfying Each Option].
Select [Original Email Settings].
Enter your PIN.
Select [Set As Allow List] then [OK].
Select [Add Individual Address].
Add "tripstar.co.jp" then select [OK]. 
≫See the Softbank official site for more information

Our notification emails may have gone to your spam folder.

Depending on the email system you use, emails from AirTrip may have been automatically redirected to your spam folder or trash folder. Email providers such as Yahoo, YBB, Hotmail, Gmail, Goo, OCN, AOL, Nifty, Dion, and Infoseek contain such settings, so be sure to check before you delete any mail.

Your security software deemed our notification emails to be spam.

When you use the various forms on our website, you will receive automated replies from us.
Some security software may deem these emails to be spam mail and block them from reaching your inbox, or even delete them. Check the settings of your security software if you are experiencing problems receiving email from us.

Your inbox is full.

If the email server you are using reaches full capacity, you may become unable to receive any emails. After deleting some emails from the server, please contact AirTrip with the name of your primary traveler and your telephone number. We will resend the information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: I don't have an email address.
A: You will be required to provide this method of contact when applying for a reservation. Note that we will be sending important documents to the email address that you register.
Q: I don't understand how to set up my spam email settings or domain filter settings.
A: Please contact your wireless provider.
Q: I haven't received the Reservation Number / Confirmation Number for my air ticket.
A: We make a request to the air ticket issuing center once payment is received, but it may take some time for you to receive your air ticket information. Normally you will receive it within 48 hours, or two months prior to departure for air tickets with a departure date more than two months into the future.
Q: The email is cut off halfway through.
A: Depending on the model of mobile device you use and the particulars of your wireless contract, the text of the email may not be wholly received. The information contained in your invoice as well as other information about your air ticket is extremely important, so be sure to call us if you cannot verify the entire email or if any part of the email is unclear.