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[FY09/21 Financial Results Announcement] consolidated handling volume of 33.6 billion yen (46% YoY), consolidated sales of 17.6 billion yen (83% YoY), operating profit before impairment losses of 4.05 billion yen and after impairment losses of 3.15 billion yen. Full year operating profit reached a record high.

We are pleased to announce our financial results for the 15th fiscal year ended September 30, 2021.


We have positioned this fiscal year as the first year of the second stage, "Restart", and through the implementation of the growth strategy "AirTrip Restart", we have achieved record highs of 4.05 billion yen in operating income before impairment losses and 3.15 billion yen in operating income after impairment losses for the full year. As in the previous fiscal year, the Company has strategically recorded impairment losses and other losses.


Although the AirTrip Online Travel Business is affected by the spread of the COVID-19 infection and repeated emergency declarations throughout the year, the business has steadily captured domestic travel demand under the pandemic situation and secured stable earnings through the use of GoTo Travel Campaign during the first quarter and optimal advertising in response to increases and decreases in travel demand.


Existing business domains other than the travel business (IT Off-shore Development Business, Inbound Travel Agency / Wi-Fi Rental Business, Media Business, and Investment Business) are all performing well, and we have been consistently promoting the diversification and restructuring of our business portfolio since the beginning of the fiscal year to strategically build and strengthen the AirTrip economic zone.


The forecast for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2022 is as follows.

Net sales(Million yen)  13,000
Operating income(Million yen)  1,000
Profit attributable to owners of parent(Million yen)  700
Dividend  ー

In light of the still uncertain socioeconomic situation, the forecast is conservative and does not factor in upside factors such as revenue contribution from the recovery of domestic travel by GoTo Travel Campaign, etc., recovery of overseas travel, recovery of tourists visiting Japan, and contribution from investment business.

The AirTrip Group aims for endless growth, in addition to signs of a recovery in travel demand due to the easing of restrictions on consumer behavior under the government's policy amid the progress of vaccination, through a significant recovery in earnings of the AirTrip Online Travel Business due to the resumption of GoTo Travel Campaign, etc., continued growth of the four existing businesses other than the travel business, and promotion of diversification and restructuring of the business portfolio.