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[FY09/22 Announcement of Financial Results for the First Quarter]Consolidated transaction volume of 10.7 billion yen (104% YoY), consolidated net sales of 4.35 billion yen (66% YoY), and operating income of 940 million yen (123% YoY), a record high operating income for the first quarter.

We are pleased to announce our financial results for the first quarter of our 16th fiscal year ending September 30, 2022.


We have positioned this fiscal year as the second stage of our "Re-start" strategy, and through the implementation of our growth strategy "AirTrip Re-start" from the previous fiscal year, we have steadily built up business revenue in each business domain and achieved a record high operating income in the first quarter.


In the AirTrip Online Travel Business, the increase in travel demand due to the decrease in the number of people infected with the new coronavirus during the first quarter provided a tailwind, and AirTrip steadily captured the growing demand for domestic travel and secured stable earnings by implementing AirTrip branding measures in various fields and strategically and optimally advertising in response to the increasing demand.


In the existing business areas other than the travel business, the IT Off-shore Development Business and the Investment Business have all been performing well and steadily.


In particular, as of December 23, 2021, Hybrid Technologies Co.,Ltd. (stock code: 4260), which has been playing a central role in the IT Off-shore Development Business, achieved a listing on the TSE Mothers market, becoming the second group company to be listed following the listing of Magmag, Inc. (stock code: 4059) in September 2020, further strengthening the business foundation of the AirTrip Group.


In addition, the AirTrip Group will continue to place top priority on "improvement of internal control, strengthening of group governance, and compliance", including the response to the GoTo Travel benefit, and will continue to ensure sound group management.


Although the current spread of the Omicron strain and the priority measures to prevent the spread of the disease have had a significant impact on the travel domain, we expect a recovery in domestic travel demand due to the decay of the new corona infection and the resumption of GoTo Travel in early spring. The AirTrip Group aims to achieve endless growth by expanding the earnings of the AirTrip Travel business through strategic marketing investment in response to rising travel demand, continuing the growth of the four existing businesses other than the travel business, and promoting the diversification and restructuring of the business portfolio.